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1788-1813 British Merchant Tokens Lot (F-VF, 4 coin) Druid Charles Roe St George


1788-1813 British Merchant Tokens Lot (F-VF, 4 coin) Druid Charles Roe St George

  • 1788-1813 British Merchant Token lot (4 coins)
  • Issued to fill the need for small denomination hard currency in England
In Great Britain, a shortage of small denomination coinage had been reported as early as the late 14th century. Such a shortage made it difficult for workers to be paid, and for transactions of daily life to be carried out. The shortages persisted and worsened through the late 17th century and became particularly problematic by the middle of the 18th century. The shortage of small denomination coinage reached a critical mass with the move of many workers away from agricultural jobs and into the work force in factories during the Industrial Revolution. The growing payrolls of factories were nearly impossible to meet for employers with no supply of coins. At the same time, the population growth rate of Great Britain between 1750 and 1800 nearly quadrupled.
  • Includes the following:
  • 1788 Parys Mine Company Penny "Druid" Token
    • In February 1787, Thomas Williams oversaw the minting of the first of many privately issued copper tokens, some being used to pay workers at the Parys Mine Company
      • Within two months time these were receiving attention in London as a possible solution to the shortage of small denomination coins
    • Obverse features a bust of a druid, facing left, within a wreath
    • Reverse depicts "PMC" monogram, date above, with legend "WE PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ONE PENNY"
    • Edge contains lettering "ON DEMAND IN LONDON LIVERPOOL OR ANGLESEY"
    • Struck from copper, 28.2 grams, 33 mm
    • Condition: Ungraded; expected to grade as Fine (F)
    • Catalog number: Dalton&Hamer#230
  • 1791 Macclesfield Halfpenny "Charles Roe Copperworks" Token
    • Obverse features a bust of Charles Roe, facing right, with legend "CHARLES ROE ESTABLISHED THE COPPER WORKS 1758"
    • Reverse depicts a woman holding drill and gear, seated left, with legend "MACCLESFIELD HALFPENNY 1791"
    • Struck from copper, 11.5 grams, 30 mm
    • Condition: Ungraded; expected to grade as Fine (F)
    • Catalog number: Dalton&Hamer#31
  • 1796 Portsea Halfpenny "Saint George" Token
    • Obverse features Saint George slaying the dragon, with legend "PROMISSORY HALFPENNY 1796"
    • Reverse depicts a Man-of-War sailing right, with large fish below
    • Edge contains lettering "PAYABLE AT S.SALMONS OURTNEY & E.FROST PORTSEA"
    • Struck from copper, 9.5 grams, 29 mm
    • Condition: Ungraded; expected to grade as Very Fine+ (VF+)
    • Catalog number: Dalton&Hamer#79
  • 1813 Halesowen Workhouse Penny "Dragoon" Token
    • Obverse features the Halesowen Parish Center, with legend "PENNY TOKEN.PAYABLE AT THE WORKHOUSE.HALESOWEN"
    • Reverse depicts a dragoon (cavalry) in full charge, with legend "GOD SAVE THE KING 1813"
    • Struck from copper, 26.8 grams, 37 mm
    • Condition: Ungraded; expected to grade as About Very Fine (aVF); damage on reverse, an attempt to create hole at 12:00
*Expected grades are approximate. Please see photos for the actual item you are bidding on.

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