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Rainbow Rolexes

As a luxury brand that specializes in tantalizing the collector's spirit in its clients, Rolex has a long history of creating beautiful, limited edition timepieces with unique properties to appeal to all sorts of aficionados. From the soda pop-flavored bezels of its Submariners, to the extremely limited number of meteorite dials it was able to harvest before being banned, Rolex has always managed to set itself apart with its unique creations.


My personal favorite Rolex invention is the Rainbow Bezel, composed of hand-selected gradient colored sapphires that create a rainbow around the watch. Most recently, the bezel has been used in extremely limited (and incredibly in demand) 18k gold Daytona Cosmographs (Model 116995 RBOW). The watch retailed for just $90,000 and already carries a huge premium (up to $300,000 in the auction market).

Rainbow bezels are available in the aftermarket, but nothing quite conveys that iridescent opulence as an original Rolex rainbow bezel.